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836 Cleland Mill Road
New Castle, PA 16102
McConnells Nursery

McConnell's Nursery was founded in 1975 when Richard McConnell bought the land of his father, who operated a dairy farm. Richard and his wife, Christine, then began to use the land to grow evergreen trees such as; Scotch Pine, Norway Spruce, and Blue Spruce. In the following years, they continued to plant and experiment with several kinds of evergreens and deciduous trees as well as shrubs and groundcover.

Their children; Scott, Gretchen, Jen, always knew they had work to do around the farm. Richard, Scott and Jen all graduated from the horticulture department at Penn State University.

Scott is in charge of the shade and ornamental trees and has done an outstanding job of growing high quality deciduous trees. Scott has also begun his own line of production by propagating liners.  His inventory can be reached at  Jennifer has started to grow a line of perennials.  There are over 2,000 perennials and about 20 different varieties. She hopes the line will continue to expand.

McConnell's Nursery is made up over 70 acres of evergreens and deciduous trees and continues to expand.

McConnell's Nursery is a wholesale grower of B&B evergreens and deciduous trees. They also grow groundcover and perennials. Check out a list of plant availability.

McConnell's has choose -n- cut Christmas trees along with other homemade evergreen decorations on sale through the season. View our Christmas page.

"A man can do nothing better than
to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work."
-Ecclesiastes 2:24

Visit our website:
McConnells Nursery | 836 Cleland Mill Road New Castle, PA 16102 | 724x-730x-2569
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